GPS Tracking Device Ver100B

Real Time Vehicle Tracking - GPS Tracking Device Ver100B 

Updates in every 0 seconds

You get a location update in every 5-10 seconds throughout the journey; you are factually following that vehicle. Stop notifications are shown on map if vehicle stops for an extended period of time (which you can set, say 2 minutes). SunvisGPS’s route trail and directional arrows indicate the route through which your vehicle has travelled so far along with its direction of travelling; GPS tracking at its best with auto screen refreshment & auto map pinning in accordance with vehicle movement.


·        Quick access to moving vehicles

·        Vehicle identifier popup

·        Virtual Odometer reading

·        Date, time stamps & current speed

·        Live fuel reading

SunvisGPS is built as dot net and deployed in GoDaddy cloud servers to offer least downtime for you. With a new update every month, SunvisGPS caters to the latest & futuristic requirements in fleet management arena. Faster access to the application makes it even easier for you to control your fleet; all you need is a pc/laptop/tablet/smart phone with an Internet connection and you can access from anywhere, anytime.

Software Development
SunvisGPS’s competitive edge is our web-based software. We specialize in software development and are continually advancing our highly customizable and user-friendly platform based on customer requests. SunvisGPS was founded based on the belief that there was a specific need in the GPS tracking space for a customizable software platform that could be configured to satisfy specific customer requirements. Every year, we provide and improve upon the most technologically advanced GPS fleet tracking solution on the market.

Customizable Features
SunvisGPS goes far beyond the typical speeding and idling reports which other fleet tracking companies have. We offer a wide range of customizable reports, alerts, maps, and other features designed to meet your most challenging requirements. No one else in the fleet tracking industry provides as many valuable and in-depth features as SunvisGPS. The majority of our solution’s capabilities have come from the input of our customers. We have provided many same-day customizations for customers, and most requests are completed within a timely manner.

 Unlimited Historical Data

SunvisGPS keeps all of our customers’ data indefinitely. Most competitors only provide 3-6 months of historical data. You can use your “full history” for trend analysis, historical job costing, or to prove service long after it was provided to your customer.

Many GPS tracking companies offer the same generic “system.” No one offers a more powerful and in-depth GPS fleet tracking solution than SunvisGPS. Compare us and see! 


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