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 On-Board Intelligent Bus Audio / Video Advertisement

Sunvis Systems, exclusive Audio / Video Ads providers of Public Transport Buses in Coimbatore and first ever in India.

The Audio / Video Advertisement plays and can work in any location or at a specified programmed location, as per your request, (for example: in front of your Shop or any your preferred locations.)  On a regular basis, every time and every day, whenever the Bus passes that specified location, the GPS Technology triggers your Ad.

Apart from this, special passenger Announcement are made on every locations, like current standing Bus stop name, next nearing Bus stop name, announcement like, requesting passenger not to stand on-board, while traveling, etc. Mic also being provided to  drivers for making special announcements like in foreign countries.

Bus Commuter Audio / Video Ads Advantage:

Sunvis Advertising creates, manages and sells innovative audio / video advertising inside public Buses. Our media is hyper-targeted and surprisingly affordable, making the most of every advertising Rupee.

Precise advertisement localization - The GPS automatic announcer can precisely announce the advertisement, so it gets the confidence of advertiser, and create much wealth for itself.

Economical Pricing - as low as Rs.5/- per 10 seconds. Less and affordable when compared  with any other Ad Media, like TV, Cable TV, Hoarding, Newspaper Ad, Internet & FM Radio Ads.

Affordable monthly Ad Tariff, So any Business Enterprise can promote their Business through the Bus Audio / Video Ads and promote their Business, whether small or big.

100% guarantee of reaching your targeted audience, a captive audience + targeted message. Your message can not be turned off. All the Passengers on-board, by default will have to hear your Advertisement.

Less number of Advertisements and more songs in the Bus so as to ensure higher Customer satisfaction. No Radio Advertisement to disturb and only your Business Ads, since the Bus plays only the Music and not any FM Radio Station.

Your Business Advertisement comes near to your Bus stop or your Business locations. In GPS Technology, we can even track, where exactly the Bus is located currently and how many times your Ads have been played on that particular day and hence customer investment on Ads is guaranteed.

Your Ads are played from early Morning to late Night and hence reaches all types of Customer like people work on different shifts, Office goers and students going to schools, colleges, etc.

With the minimum of 12 to 14 times in a day, based on trips, your Ads can be played any number of times in a day in multiple Buses.

No proper local Ad media available now other than Cable TV and Newspaper, but it cost very expensive compared Bus Ads. In this current fast and busy World, people dont find time in reading Newspaper or watching TV. But Bus Audio / Video Ad will definitely reach to all passengers by default, since people can close their eyes but not theirs ears.

 Different Type of Bus Commuter Audio / Video Ads:

     Spot Ads- This Ads are played at a specific location selected by the Customer. Targeted: pick the exact location where your message plays when the bus drives by.

     Any Where Ads  These Ads are played anywhere and in any Bus with in the selected City. These Ads are more affordable compared to the Spot Ads.

          Bus Stop Guide - These Ads are used to name a bus Stop or announce your name in the Bus Stop selected by you.     


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 Bus Commuter Ads

 These Ads are played anywhere   in any number of Buses with in the selected City.  These Ads are more affordable compared to the  Spot Ads. This Ads can be played in any number of cities with in Tamilnadu. Sunvis operates in all major cities across Tamilnadu.

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